Quick Thoughts on Pats/Dolphins

I know we are just about at Week 2 so this is pretty late but it’s my first week, cut me some slack.  Clearly Tom Brady is in mid-season form.  It’s not often that a QB puts a CB on the unemployment line after Week 1 but that is exactly what Brady and Wes Welker did to Benny Sapp who got his walking papers after the game.  He was getting burned all game culminating in a 99 yard TD throw from Brady to Welker.  Needless to say, many people have jumped on the Patriots bandwagon (not that there was much room on it to begin with) and the Pats have once again become a chic post-Week 1 pick to be the best team in the NFL and eventual Super Bowl contender.  Here are some thoughts on the game.

  • Tom Brady apparently wasn’t interested in Cam Newton stealing the spotlight, even for one week.  After Newton’s incredible 440 yard debut performance on Sunday Brady followed up by besting him by over 60 yards.
  • Reggie Bush is not good for a QB like Chad Henne.  Early on I felt that Henne was checking down too often to Bush and hoping he made a play after the catch.  Bush is good at improvising but he is not that good.  Only after the Pats started scoring and their pass defense went into more of a Prevent did Henne look downfield at his receivers.  Henne will want to break that habit quickly.
  • Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez are specimens.  There is a lot of love being thrown Aaron Hernandez way after that game but I think a bigger, more physical defense can game plan for him better than they can for Gronk.  Gronk is so versatile that he can beat you even if you game plan around him.  You can’t match his mix of physicality, toughness, and athleticism easily.  Beware the Two-Gronk set on running downs.
  • I don’t understand how you can’t get the ball downfield with Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, and Anthony Fasano.  Those guys catch everything.
  • Danny Woodhead looks like he should be easy to tackle but for some reason people can’t tackle him.
  • It was an early September game in Miami and the Dolphins were afraid to run on short yardage situation, even with the game relatively close.  What are they going to do when they have to go to Buffalo, Foxboro, and the Meadowlands later in the season?  Larry Johnson is not going to cut it either.
  • Albert Haynesworth was very solid in his Pats debut, Ochocinco was not.  I kind of figured that it would have been the other way around in the early going.
  • Did the Dolphins do any conditioning during the lock-out?  That may have been one of the most pathetic displays of conditioning that I have ever seen in my life.  They were gassed in the 2nd quarter.  That wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t been afforded a drive that lasted over 7 minutes by their offense on their first possession.  Vontae Davis and Sean Smith, both starting CBs, had to sit long stretches of time due to cramping, leaving Benny Sapp out there exposed, which eventually cost him his job.  Tom Brady’s eyes lit up when he saw how poorly conditioned the Dolphins D was and he took advantage immediately.  It was like Michigan vrs. Watertown High School out there.
  • New England’s defense is TBD.  It was a weird game…Brady going down the field, Henne constantly trying to play catch-up.  The San Diego game will be a better test for them.
  • Miami is 1-8 in their last 9 home games.  So much for the home field advantage of sunny and warm South Florida.

Well the Pats are off to their usual hot start but have a great test this weekend against San Diego.  If they win that game I’d expect the usual 13-14 win season.  Conversely it’s a similar story for the Dolphins.  They face a tough home contest against the Aerial attack of the Houston Texans and if they loss again at home they might be in for a year in the cellar.


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