Quick Week 2 Notes

Some quick thoughts before the Week 2 slate of games is played…

  • In a weird scheduling quirk, all four AFC East teams will play at home today despite Miami and New York being home last week.
  • Ralph Wilson will be missing his first home opener in Buffalo ever today as he recovers from a broken hip suffered back in June.  All the best to Ralph on his recovery
  • Richard Seymour had 7 sacks against the Bills while he was with the New England Patriots.  That’s a pretty high number for a 3-4 Defensive End.  He will look to add to that number today as a member of the Oakland Raiders
  • It will be interested to see how the Chargers approach the Patriots Tight Ends after they ran roughshod all over the Dolphins last week.
  • Speaking of the Dolphins they will look to rebound at home this week against the Houston Texans offense, a tall task especially if Arian Foster plays for the Texans.  Matt Schaub must have been licking his chops after watching the tape of Miami/New England
  • The Dolphins are 1-8 at home in their last 9.  If they play like they did last week they will be 1-9
  • If the Bills can stop Darren McFadden their defenses will make a lot of believers out of people.
  • If Ryan Fitzpatrick can come close to matching his performance from last week he will as well.
  • What was up with the Patriots secondary last week?  We will find out today with Philip Rivers going up against them.  If it was a fluke we’ll find out today.
  • Not much to say about the Jets game, I guess that happens when you’re going up against a team with a lame duck coach and a QB who hardly played in the pre-season and was handed the job days before opening day.
  • A quick follow up to my Phil Hansen blog from yesterday…a lot of people made the correlation with Hansen making the INT that basically won the division for the Pats and started a dynasty.  Now personally I think that is a bit of hyperbole, Tom Brady is who he is and they would have won championships regardless but if one player was affected it would be Adam Vinatieri.  How do we see him by historical standards if you take away the two kicks in the snow?  And maybe the one in the first Super Bowl?

Tweet of the week:

DavidNelson86 David Nelson
Practice time- we HAVE to get better today
That was just three days after the Bills’ 41-7 shellacking of the Chiefs on the road
Twitter @ErikVenskus

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