Quick Thoughts on Chargers/Patriots

This was a somewhat weird game.  The Patriots were, well, the Patriots but the Chargers got in the red zone 3 times and failed to score and Mike Tolbert committed one of the most bonehead running plays I have ever seen to turn the ball over to seal the game for the Pats.  Brady is on fire to start the season.  Quick thoughts:

  • How do the Patriot receivers get so wide open?  What is their trick, their secret?  Inquiring minds (and defensive coordinators throughout the NFL) would like to know.
  • I said last week that I liked Rob Gronkowski more as a player than I did Aaron Hernandez but is seems like Hernandez is determined to prove me wrong.  The kid looks to get better and better in every game that he plays.  It’s a big blow to the Pats lineup that he will miss the next several weeks with the MCL injury that he suffered on Sunday.
  • The Pats secondary has struggled in the early going and really needed someone to step up and make a play.  Enter 6’2″ “325 lb.” Vince Wilfork to make the interception and sprint down the sideline to set up a field goal before the half for the Pats.
  • Cam Newton is only two weeks into his NFL career but I bet that he is really staring to dislike Tom Brady.
  • Chad Ochocinco looked a little better this week.  Haynesworth was solid, if unspectacular.
  • It looks like the injury bug is starting to hit the Pats.  They are usually built to withstand that sort of thing with the depth they carry on their roster.  It looks like that depth will be tested early.
  • Of all of the veteran defensive linemen that the New England Patriots signed in the off-season who would have thought that Mark Anderson would be the trend-setter?
  • Tom Brady is on fire.  Dan Marino must already be crapping his pants at the prospect of Brady breaking his single season yards record that barely alluded him back in 2007.

Ho-hum.  Ho-hum.  Pats win.  Pats put 30 on the board.  Must be starting to get boring being a Pats fan huh?  What is particularly impressive is that they scored all of those points towards the end of last season in the elements.  If they get through this fall they may go two full seasons of 30 points.  Let’s see how they handle the injuries and the hostile crowd up in Buffalo against those upstarts from Western New York.

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