Quick Thoughts on Bills/Patriots

Well once again there was one hell of a game on Orchard Park, NY on Sunday.  And once again the Bills came out on top.  I’m not quite sure how to break it down as to what it means for both teams…we may not find out exactly what it does mean for a few weeks or even months.  But what we do know is that the Bills are 3-0.  Here are my thoughts.

  • The words “Ryan Fitzpatrick agrees to lucrative, long-term contract extension” better show up on the ESPN ticker as breaking news real real soon.
  • Leodis McKelvin had a fine bounce back game after getting torched by the Raiders last week.  He and Florence seemed to bounce between Branch and Ochocinco and Branch was totally shut down and Ochocinco was ineffective when he wasn’t flat out dropping balls.  Leodis made a great play jumping the route and intercepting Brady at the beginning of the third quarter.  Honorable mention to Reggie Corner for coming in cold off the bench just a few weeks after being released and playing well in the second half for Aaron Williams.
  • The Bills offensive line is playing at as high a level as I’ve seen them play in years.  Eric Wood is becoming an elite center.  Andy Levitre is also playing at an extremely high level.  For all of the notoriety that Scott Chandler is getting catching touchdowns his blocking is even better.
  • The words “Fred Jackson agrees to lucrative, long-term contract extension” better show up as breaking news on the ESPN ticker real real soon.
  • Dan Connolly is doing a fine job of filling in for Dan Koppen, but then again he was just fine as a starter last year.  He handled Kyle Williams quite well yesterday.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Bills have some of the better route runners in the league lining up in their offense.  Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey have done an outstanding job of identifying players that are perfect fits for Gailey’s offensive system, hence the 7th rounders and undrafted free agents are excelling in this offense.
  • It looks like the defensive line made a concerted effort to start getting their hands up at the line of scrimmage when they realized that Tom Brady was getting rid of the ball too quickly for them to get in the backfield.  The move paid off as several balls were tipped at the line, including one that bounced off of Marcell Dareus’ dome and into the hands of Drayton Florence for a pick 6.
  • Rob Gronkowski is a beast.  Plain and simple.  Put it up there and he will catch it.
  • The refs were way too ticky-tacky on some of the calls but as Ty Law said after the game, Sergio Brown can’t commit that pass interference penalty…it is way to easy to avoid.  The personal foul penalty on Jairus Byrd’s hit on Welker was laughable.
  • Tom Brady’s been picked off 4 times in a game 6 times and two of the times by Buffalo.  They’ve won both games.  Those are the only two times they’ve beaten Brady.  Maybe they’ve found the formula…easier said than done though.
  • Wes Welker’s day was record-breaking and obviously impressive but did anyone else get the feeling that it was almost by design by the Bills defense to leave it open in the intermediate part of the field so many times?
  • Marv Albert needs to get the NBA out of his head.  He’s going to be doing a hell of a lot more NFL than NBA in the coming months.
  • Nick Barnett is a beast.
  • So is Fred Jackson
  • I’m not a fashion expert but I may have drawn this conclusion – dress like a CFL team and you’ll play like a CFL team.  Dress like an old school AFL team and you’ll play like an old school AFL team.
  • Chris Berman must be pleased that his favorite catch phrase is back in style.

So it’s 3-0 for the Bills and onto Cincinnati and the Patriots will have to wipe the stink of this loss quickly as they travel cross country to face longtime AFL rivals, the Raiders.  It will be an interesting few weeks to watch this play out.

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