Random NFL Musings – Post Week 3 edition

A few random thoughts while the NFL starts preparations for the Week 4 match-ups.

  • One of the biggest stories so far this year, obviously, is the rise of the Detroit Lions.  Calvin Johnson may be the best player in the NFL right now.  Matthew Stafford is looking like the #1 overall pick, he just needs to stay healthy.  The sad part is they still may be the third best team in their division.  Green Bay looks to be on a mission to repeat and Chicago has had a brutal starting schedule (ATL, NO, GB) but always plays tough through the winter.
  • Just thinking out loud but doesn’t it make sense for Tony Sparano to return to Dallas after his inevitable firing and help out old pal Jason Garrett with that young and inexperienced offensive line?
  • Philadelphia needs to figure things out and figure things out quickly.  They received a break when they found out that Michael Vick didn’t break his hand but can he stay in the lineup?
  • What the hell is going on in Minnesota?  Three games, three blown leads.  Donovan McNabb looks spent.  Adrian Peterson is becoming Barry Sanders.  Not in the good way.
  • Wade Phillips got a lot of hype for going to Houston, and I acknowledge that he is a great Defensive Coordinator, but people still underrate the troubles moving from a 4-3 to a 3-4.  Things looked great the first two weeks but what must be discouraging about this week’s lose to the Saints is that their defense choked late, and with a lead, like they have so many times in the Schaub/Johnson era.
  • Darren McFadden has officially taken over the role of “Best player in the NFL who never gets mentioned in the conversation of best player in the NFL.”  The guy is averaging 6.4 yards a carry.  The Raiders are pretty good.
  • After the Bills broke the streak of 15 losses in a row against the Patriots in the regular season this past Sunday not only do they now hold the longest regular season winning streak against another team, but they put it on the line right away when they face the Bengals this weekend looking for win #11 in a row against them.
  • Kenny Britt is a rather big blow to the Titans who have surprised at 2-1.  Someone has got to step up and take that division though.  It will come down to Tennessee and Houston…who would have thought that at the beginning of the year?
  • Monday night’s game was as sloppy as you could get for an NFL game.  Are those two teams good, bad, or average?  At least Washington stayed true to their word that they would beat up on Tony Romo.

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