Thank you Terry

I was going to wait to write about baseball until the 2012 season since I started this thing so late but obviously it’s a not-so-wanted special occasion warranted a blog.

The greatest manager in Boston Red Sox history.  When Terry Francona was hired by Theo Epstein and the Boston Red Sox in 2004 the move was met with great skepticism in Boston.  Many thought that he was a paper manager for big acquisition Curt Schilling.  Francona managed a train wreck in Philadelphia, ringing up a 285-363 record in 4 seasons with the Phillies.  He barely beat out another nobody from the Angels by the name of Joe Maddon.  Eight years Terry Francona had 734 wins, 2nd in Red Sox history behind Hall-of-Famer Joe Cronin, and brought two world championships to a franchise that had none in 86 years.  I’m 30 years old and I’ve been a Red Sox fan all my life.  Tito was here for 8 years, almost a third of my life and assuredly at least a third of my memory as a fan.  The first Red Sox manager I remember is John McNamara, who was the first of seven managers in 19 years to parade through the Red Sox dugout in my lifetime of fanhood.  Terry Francona simply changed the game in Boston.  While Theo Epstein built the team, Francona was the guy he needed to bring it home.  Grady Little tried but he wasn’t the guy for the job.  Francona was.  He took this team and corralled a merry band of idiots on his way to winning the first World Championship in 86 years.  He managed through Manny being Manny, Schilling being Schilling, rock-star and space-shot Johnny Damon, Manny still being Manny, and eventually the West Texas Redneck pitching staff.  He maneuvered through them all.  He went through contract disputes, steroid scandals, and GM’s getting out of dodge in a gorilla suit.  HE was the steady hand.  I’m not sure where either parties go from here and in the end it doesn’t really matter.  The truth of the matter is that Terry Francona brought something to this team eight years ago when he was hired that this team had never seen.  I’m not sure what it is or how to describe it but it was just different.  It was better.  And like him we will always have the memories that he will to cherish, watching the guys jumping on the pile, payoff for 86 years of frustration.  Now there is nothing left to do besides saying “Thank you Terry Francona.”  The greatest manager in Boston Red Sox history.


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