Random Playoff Baseball Thoughts

As I slowly get over “Black September” I’m beginning to get more into the baseball-talking-about mood.  Surprisingly I have been following the playoffs closely thus far.  Here are some thoughts on the playoffs thus far as well as some thoughts on the direction of the Red Sox after the nightmare week that was.

  • Thanks for coming St. Louis and Arizona but the Phillies and Brewers are on a collision course to the NLCS.  I am quite looking forward to this series.  It even has the feel of a big series, not quite Sox/Yanks, but for Milwaukee it seems like a big deal.  This isn’t going to be a walk in the park for Philadelphia.
  • Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder just carry their teams on their backs.  Unfortunately it seems like this might be a C.C. Sabathia-like playoff swan song for Fielder in Milwaukee.  Let’s see how far he can go.
  • It makes me sick but the Rays are legit.  How they continue to turn out players from their farm system despite being a playoff contender and picking later in the drafts four years running now is beyond me.  Andrew Friedman is a stud personnel guy and Tampa Bay is crazy for not having him under contract.
  • The professional and workmanlike Rangers are an interesting contract to the youthful and energetic Rays.  Both teams have an identity, unlike the Red Sox, who mix fiery players like Pedroia and Youkilis with workmanlike guys like Adrian Gonzalez and J.D. Drew.
  • What a mess in New York with the weather.  Verlander and Sabathia only go once now.  Guys like Burnett are going to be pressed into action.  And some of the pouring rain they have been playing in is just brutal.
  • As for the Red Sox, doom and gloom might be en vogue in Red Sox Nation but I think after it is all said and done we will see that we have a strong core of a team with a new manager ready to take on the challenge.  Make no mistake, moves will be made.  Guys will be traded, examples will be made.  But you’ve got to have faith in Theo Epstein, who seems to be leading the managerial search at the moment, and Jon Henry to make the right choice after the strong list of candidates they had the last time.
  • As for who is the manager in 2012, my completely uninformed speculation is that the Bobby Valentine’s of the world are not in the cards for the Sox.  An manager who’s had a cup of tea a la Francona is possible (think Pete Mackanin or Tony Pena) however Jon Heyman surmised earlier today in a column that there are two front runners who have no Major League managerial experience.  My wild guesses are that Dave Martinez from Tampa and Ryne Sandberg are those two guys.  Again, those are just guesses.
  • And finally as I sit here and watch a great game being played by the Rangers and the Rays I will say one thing.  Whether you are a fan of the Red Sox, Yankees, Rays, or anyone else – this is one hell of a game.

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30 year old sports enthusiast and aspiring writer from Boston.

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