My list for possible Red Sox managers

So a lot of people have given their two cents regarding who the next manager of the Boston Red Sox should be.  The opinions have ranged from brilliant to downright laughable.  I figured I’d throw my two cents into the hat with a list, in order for least to best preferences, of the top 5 candidates for the job.  So without further adieu…

5. Jimmy Dugan, Manager, Rockford Peaches - He coached a team full of girls successfully before, so why not?


#4. Jake Taylor, Interim Manager, Cleveland Indians - I'm sure that a lot of people expected to see Lou Brown on this list but unfortunately he passed away. But we still have Taylor. Fiery ex-player? Yup. Unrelenting hardass? Yup. Just look at what he did to Dorn in Major League 1 when he booted a ball because the Wild Thing was banging his wife.


#3 Pop Fisher, Manager, New York Knights - He's like a cross between Grady Little and Terry Francona. What's not to like?


#2 Uchiyama, Manager, Chunichi Dragons - What better than grabbing a guy from the Far East to discipline this bunch? Sure, you can drink beer in the clubhouse. Just as long as you can lift the beer up after throwing 200 pitches an outing with a side session every other day. Plus he has a hot daughter that can do the fashion shows and all that crap.


#1 Crash Davis, Catcher, Durham Bulls - I'm sure this is a surprise going with a guy with no managerial experience but this guy is one of the best manager prospects in the game. He should be able to deal with a pitching staff that shake off signs like it's going out of style. The type of fiery ex-player hardass that the clubhouse needs.

So there you have it.  Can’t go wrong with this list.  I’m waiting for my call from Lucky Lucchino any day now.


About evonsports
30 year old sports enthusiast and aspiring writer from Boston.

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