My real list for possible Red Sox Managers

I had some fun a few nights ago but here is my actual wish/guess list for the next manager of the Boston Red Sox.  Coincidentally Crash Davis was actually tied with Robin Ventura on my real list.

#5. Don Baylor, Hitting Coach, Arizona Diamondbacks

Baylor might not have the brains that you look for in a manager but surround him with good coaches and let him run his clubhouse.  Baylor is notorious for being a hardass and a positive clubhouse influence.  People also forget how popular he was when he was a player for the Red Sox.  Might be a better option for bench coach or one of the other positions on the staff but he would be on my list of sleepers or surprise picks.

#4. Tony Pena, Bench Coach, New York Yankees

Another fiery former Red Sox player, Pena would fit in with the in game managers that the Red Sox brass likes.  He also knows the pressures of big market baseball, spending many years playing in St. Louis and Boston, and coaching the last few years in New York.  He’s known as a stern but good communicator who can get the most out of his players.  He was the only manager in the last 15 years to lead the Kansas City Royals to a winning record.

#3. Ryne Sandberg, Manager, Lehigh Valley IronPigs

Sandberg, a Hall-of-Fame 2nd baseman was snubbed by the Cubs in their managerial search last year and was interviewed for the Pawtucket Red Sox manager’s job.  He took the job with Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia’s AAA affiliate, but seems primed to gig a big league gig soon.  He will probably have a chip on his shoulder after how the Cubs interview and failure to secure the job went down last year.

#2. Sandy Alomar Jr., Bench Coach, Cleveland Indians

Alomar is a late entry to my list, as I was almost sure he would be the manager of the Chicago White Sox by now.  Alomar was one of the smartest catchers to play the game during his career and he is certainly one of the most well respected guys in baseball.  He would attract a strong staff and be able to command the clubhouse.  I had his former teammate Joey Cora on my list before him but he was a pipe dream, since there is little reason to hire Ozzie Guillen without his brain.

#1. Dave Martinez, Bench Coach, Tampa Bay Rays

If you can’t beat them, steal them I suppose.  Martinez has been Joe Maddon’s right hand man since 2007 and is the hottest name for potential managerial spots this year.  It wouldn’t hurt to get some insight into the strategies and shifts that Joe Maddon employs to beat the Red Sox (as he does often).  He is also an embodiment as the type of player needed in the clubhouse, he played every game like it was his last in his 16 seasons in the majors.  Will definitely command respect in the clubhouse and, like Alomar, would easily attract a strong staff to support him.

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