Random Musings

Random Musings for a gorgeous October Sunday in New England…

  • Big day in the AFC East – a huge game for the Bills at home against the Eagles at 1:00 and of course the Jets and Patriots do battle at 4:00.  I’ll blog up on both games tomorrow.
  • I owe the St. Louis Cardinals an apology after basically previewing a Philadelphia/Milwaukee NLCS last week.  Chris Carpenter was unbelievable Friday night for the Cards in Philly.
  • Who’d have thought before last season that the Texas Rangers would win back-to-back American League pennants?  They are three wins for doing exactly that.
  • Roger Goodell is making his first appearance in Buffalo in 4 years.  Interesting week, since the whole Vick dynamic comes into play along with growing whispers of a possible succession plan coming into play.  He’ll be chatting with fans before and after the game.  Should be interesting to see if he takes anything more than softballs.
  • Speaking of Goodell and the Vick thing, it is kind of interesting to see the way both franchises have gone since Vick chose the Eagles over the Bills.  Vick had the “Dream Team” built around him to, so far, disappointing results, and Ryan Fitzpatrick has emerged for the Bills.  A big game today for Fitzpatrick against the supposed “Dream Team” will go a long way in earning him a long term contract extension from the Bills.  And a loss by Vick’s Eagles will leave them at 1-4, to say that’s a disappointment would be a tremendous understatement.
  • The Pats will no doubt have revenge on their minds today when they play the Jets but Rex Ryan is no idiot and he will have a gameplan ready to go.  I see a close game and a lot of chippiness out on the field.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Terry Francona’s next job looks a lot like the one he had last night.  He’s a natural and he has the stature to be picky about his next managerial job.  If it’s not there he can make plenty of cash in the booth.  And let’s face it, it’s time for FOX to give Tim McCarver a gold watch and wish him on his way.
  • My gut says Theo stays and they kick the Manager search into full gear next week.
  • Hey Brett Favre, check out Aaron Rodgers’ stats for the last 10 games and get back to me.
  • Enjoy your Sunday

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