Thoughts on Jets/Patriots

The Pats continue to look like a well-oiled machine and the Jets, well they look like they might be in a lot of trouble.  It wasn’t exactly the worst performance by the Jets this week but then again I guess it wasn’t exactly the Pats best performance either.  Some thoughts:

  • Wes Welker’s dream season might be coming to an end.  Not because of Darrelle Revis or any other defensive player though, because of a healthy Aaron Hernandez.  We might have to stop talking about a record kind of season for Wes Welker since, after all, Tom Brady can only throw one completed pass per drop back.  There are just not enough balls to go around.
  • The most ridiculous stat I have ever heard (and I’m sure all have heard it by now) – 10 seasons, 74 starts, 91 touchdowns and 1 interception in the red zone at home.  That 1st was this weekend against the Jets on a ball that Aaron Hernandez should have caught for #92.
  • BenJarvis Green Ellis had his best day as a pro on Sunday, amassing 149 yards, 136 of which he gained on the ground, and 2 TD’s.  Still I see Belichick playing the hot hand, which was Stevan Ridley last week, Green Ellis this week, and whoever is having the most success in the run game early on next week.  Call that free advice for fantasy owners.
  • The Jets offense looks, I don’t know, off.  A lot off.  Sanchez doesn’t look to be in sync with his veteran receivers and it felt like the Jets tried too hard to establish a ground game, often running on 1st and 2nd down and setting up srd and 4’s and 5’s all game.  What else didn’t help Sanchez and the offense is that some of the younger guys who should be making plays (Keller, Conner) had some key miscues on 3rd down.
  • All that being said I have noticed that a few legends of the game, namely Joe Namath and Bill Parcells, have been highly critical of Mark Sanchez in the last few weeks but I really don’t feel like I have seen anything from Sanchez these last few games that differentiates from any other point in his first two seasons.  He has his strengths and his limitations but like many other QB’s he is a product of his supporting staff.  I don’t see that supporting staff getting it done right now.  Maybe they should have stuck with Braylon Edwards, whom Mark Sanchez had a rapport with, rather than sign Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason, the latter of which belonged on a milk carton on Sunday.
  • Shonn Greene had a decent game with 81 yards and a touchdown but only 2 carries (for 13 yards) for Tomlinson?  Now is the time to use him because the legs won’t be there later in the year.
  • Defensively the Jets were Jekyll and Hyde, recording 4 sacks on Brady but seemingly unable to stop the run or the pass when Brady had time.  Lost in all of the hoopla surrounding the dismal offense is the fact that the Jets are playing to the standards on defense that you would expect from a Rex Ryan-led squad.
  • The Patriots played their best game in the secondary all year on Sunday, it could be because they were completely healthy for this first time.  The key is keeping Leigh Bodden, who is coming off of a major injury, and Ras-I Dowling, who is perpetually coming off of an injury, healthy and in the line-up.  Of course the lost Jets wide receiver corps could have been a factor in this as well.
  • I’m not sure if the Jets receivers called a meeting with Rex Ryan to complain about Offensive Coordinator but it sure as well would not surprise me if they did.
  • C’Mon Vince, no picks this week?  Slacker.

As expected the Pats brushed off their loss to the Bills and keep chugging along towards another Tom Brady-led playoff berth.  Next week the Foxboro faithful will get to enjoy a Tony Romo meltdown live and in person.  For the Jets, who are reeling, they get the luxury of facing the team in the division more downtrodden than they are.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the Dolphins had two full weeks to prepare for the Jets.  Let’s see if the Jets can end the losing streak before the hole gets too big to crawl out of.

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