A look back in the week in sports

Here’s a few thoughts looking back at the week that was in sports:

  • Congratulations to the Texas Rangers for winning back-to-back American League pennants.  Who would have that at the beginning of last year that the Rangers would be a team making back-to-back World Series appearances.  Don’t forget that they lost Cliff Lee in the off-season.  Quite the accomplishment to get back there.
  • Speaking of hindsight, who would have thought on the last day of the season when they Cardinals and Rays shocked and overcame the Braves and Red Sox respectively that the Cardinals, not the Rays would have been the team that would make some noise in the playoffs.  If the Cardinals win today and have Chris Carpenter available for three games in the World Series I wouldn’t count them out either.
  • The NBA is a mess, plain and simple.  At this point I could care less if they played at all this year.  The difference, to me, between the NFLPA and the NBAPA is clear – it’s leadership.  The NFLPA had leaders who stood their ground for what they believed in but at the end of the day did what was in the best interests of the players they represent.  You don’t get that feeling with the leaders in the NBAPA.  Mix that in with new owners who don’t have the experience in these kind of negotiations and you get a recipe for disaster.  Say what you will about Jones, Kraft, Richardson, Davis (RIP), and Wilson, but they knew how to get a deal done and these new NBA owners who threw too much money into these teams and now are trying to stop the bleeding are clueless.  Needless to say I don’t expect to say more on this subject until there are actual games.
  • All that above being said, it’s time for the NHL to take center stage and grab some of the popularity left over from the NBA.  They gained a lot of momentum last year with a great playoff run and are trending Northward, as they should, with the return of the Winnipeg franchise (and that’s probably just the beginning).  They just need to market.  There are games all week on Vs., check them out.  There have been a ton of great hockey games and if you haven’t been watching, or aren’t usually a hockey fan in general, give them a try.  It really is a great game to watch once you understand what’s going on.
  • So I was wrong again last week with my prediction that Theo would stay and the managerial search would kick into gear this week.  Theo is on his way out and the team is in a holding pattern until the compensation package is agreed upon.  My guess is that it will be soon, as the MLB frowns upon making announcements during the World Series.  I don’t think Tom Ricketts will want to wait another few weeks to announce his prize hiring so look for this to play itself out in the next few days.  Things would be easier if the Cubs had anything in their farm system but since they don’t Cherington and crew will have to scrap the bottom of the barrel.  I’d expect to hear more about the manager search next week.
  • Another great slate of NFL games today, hope you all have the ticket like I do.  I’ll recap all of the AFC East games during the week, as they are all on at different times and I get to view them all.  Enjoy your Sunday.

About evonsports
30 year old sports enthusiast and aspiring writer from Boston.

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