Bruins week in review

The Bruins first week and a half is in the books and it could be better.  They are at 2-3 with 4 points, good for third place in the Northeast division.  Here are my thoughts on the first 5 games…

  • Fatigue is obviously a factor but it’s no excuse.  They have only scored 10 goals in 5 games, one of the worst stretches in team history.  They have faced some good goal tending but you would expect the offense to show up sooner or later.
  • The power play is still abysmal.  After scoring on their first power play of the season they have gone 0-for the next 19.  Joe Corvo has not looked like an upgrade over Tomas Kaberle thus far.  Hopefully he can settle into his role.
  • This might sound like blasphemy after his performance in the playoffs last year, but I would rather see more Tuuka Rask early on and give Tim Thomas a bit of a rest, coming off of the grueling playoff run that ended only 4 months ago.  Rask looked good against Colorado.
  • That being said, Tim Thomas put on a clinic last night in Chicago during the shoot out.  I think Patrick Kane fired him up a bit after the second shot, when he tried to knock a rebound off of Thomas’ save in.
  • Tyler Seguin is playing with a more of an aggressive streak this year and he looks like he’s becoming a more complete player.  His game winning shoot out shot last night was a laser pushed through the goal…he’s taken a lot of perimeter shots so far this year and eventually he will start finding the holes.  When he mixes that with his finesse he will become a dangerous player.
  • Nathan Horton finally got on the board last night.  Hopefully he is overcoming whatever mental affects came off the injury he suffered last year via cheap shot.
  • I know it’s been over a week but that was a hell of a ceremony before the opening game.  Nice to see the guys from the ’72 team out there passing the torch to the new guys.  Hopefully they get another one next year.

Obviously it’s early but I’d like to see more from the Bruins early on.  Still a long road to go until April and the start of the playoffs however.

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