Thoughts on Cowboys/Patriots

Well, I guess we were due for a vintage Tom Brady performance.  Brady did his best superman impression by overcoming the kryptonite supplied by his nemesis Rob Ryan and lead the Pats down for a game-winning touchdown.  Here are some thoughts.

  • You can talk about Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, Deion Branch all you want.  Rob Gronkowski is the Patriots’ best weapon.  The guy is near unstoppable.  Those other guys will win match-ups when you get them one on one but Gronkowski is the guy you have to game plan around.
  • BenJarvis Green-Ellis and Stevan Ridley look like they would make a pretty good tandem if they were used and balanced consistently.  Ridley is raw but there is a ton of skill there.
  • Tom Brady has been sacked 7 times in the past two games.  That’s almost a season’s worth for him.  Not sure if it’s the O-Line or just facing a couple good pass rushing teams in a row.  They’ll face a stiff test in a few weeks against Pittsburgh.
  • Defensively the Pats improved over the last few weeks but still have some work to do.  Andre Carter stepped up today.  The advantage of stock-piling these veteran linemen is that these guys will take turns stepping up. When Mark Anderson has an off game, Andre Carter is on.  When Carter struggles, a Shaun Ellis steps up, etc.
  • Seems like all we’ve talked about this year when mentioning Vince Wilfork is his new found penchant for picking off passes.  I just feel like this needs to be re-iterated – Vince Wilfork is as good as it gets when it comes to stopping the run up front.  He is so good you almost start to forget.
  • Brandon Spikes was very active on the blitz and was a huge asset in th pass rush.  When the light totally goes on this kid has a chance to be a stud.
  • So the last two times the Patriots haven’t scored 30 or more points (scanning the last 15 games) was against a Rob Ryan coached defense.  I guess that bodes well considering the fact that they aren’t scheduled to face Ryan again for another 4 years.  Of course there is a chance he gets a head gig by then.  Stats like that could attract him to a team like Miami.
  • So, I hated the coaching by Jason Garrett at the end of the game.  Yeah, their defense played great all game against Brady but after all, it’s Brady, and you might as well not play with fire if you don’t have to.  This is what I said earlier about coaching to win or coaching not to lose.  Jason Garrett coached not to lose.  Of course I guess that what you do when your QB is Tony Romo and not…
  • Tom Brady, what more can you say.  Since the Pats run up 30-40 points seemingly every week the comebacks are becoming few and far between but you can never forget that Tom Brady is the most clutch quarterback of the generation and he’ll beat you when it counts  Count it as just another notch in the belt.

The Pats are 5-1 at the bye and when you look at the schedule it’s hard to envision anything more than another 1-2 losses.  It’s all about seeding now, unless Buffalo can do something extraordinary, and staying healthy.  The Pats have been lucky with injuries this year and hope to be able to continue that going into the last 10 stretch.  Hey, maybe Ochocinco will start to contribute sooner or later too.


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