Thoughts on Jets/Dolphins

It was a must win for the Jets last night and they did wind up beating the Dolphins.  It wasn’t pretty but the Jets got back to .500, which they badly needed to do with a rough stretch of games coming up in the next month.  I was mildly disappointed that Brandon Marshall didn’t get thrown out or get into a fight with Bart Scott as he intimated that he might do earlier in the week.  Here are my full game thoughts…

  • The Dolphins dominated the first quarter and a half yet somehow when it was all said and done the score was 7-6 Jets.  The Jets got into a rhythm offensively for the first time in the game at that point and never looked back.  How can you have all of the first downs, all of the plays on your side of the field, give up no big plays, and still be losing 7-6? Absurd.
  • I think they tested the Marshall/Revis match up far too much.  I’m not sure if Tony Sparano realized that it was Matt Moore out there and not Dan Marino.
  • Mark Sanchez could have made a sandwich in the pocket with all of the time h was getting back there last night.  Where was Cameron Wake?  Jason Taylor?  This isn’t the Jets O-Line of two years ago either.  What may be a bit troubling to Jets fans is that even with all of that time he couldn’t find a receiver to throw to for the better part of the first half.
  • If you want to look for a positive of the Dolphins side of things, I like the way rookie RB Daniel Thomas plays.  He’s a hard run and definitely a building block for the future.  I’d be shocked to see Reggie Bush back in a Dolphins uniform next year.
  • I guess they didn’t have a football to throw around in the slammer because Plaxico looks like he hasn’t even seen a football in three years.
  • I know I say this almost every week but I think that the Jets should scale back just a bit on the Shonn Greene and give us just a pinch more of the LT, at least for now.
  • Say what you will about Santonio Holmes, Derrick Mason, etc. but when you get the ball in Santonio’s hands good things will happen.
  • Dustin Keller got back into a groove last night after a poor showing last week and that was a huge help to Mark Sanchez, particularly on 3rd down.  Jeremy Kerley looked like Derrick Mason last night.
  • Aaron Maybin might be getting on the stat sheet but he still has the same one ineffective move and gets blocked up the field way to easily.  But good for him for getting on the stat sheet.
  • Note to Tony Sparano for the next time the Dolphins play the Jets (if he’s still the coach) – Darrelle Revis is pretty damn good.  Try to limit the throws to his side of the field.

So the Jets got a game they needed before a brutal 4 week stretch that includes back-to-back AFC East games against Buffalo and New England which could seal their playoff fate.  For the Dolphins, consistency is the key.  They just have to continue to do what they are doing and that is to suck just enough to get Luck.  So far so good.  It’s these two teams for the AFC East next week as the Bills and Pats are on the bye.

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