Hue Jackson hoping bolder is better in Oakland

Al Davis had ruled the Oakland Raiders with an iron fist since the 70’s.  He has been they head personnel man, head business man, and even had a role in the team’s defensive coaching as late as earlier this season.  So naturally when Davis passed away a few weeks ago it was a shot of reality to Raider Nation.  Al Davis was the franchise and there was certainly to be a void left in his place.  He had been the entire franchise.  His son Mark has taken control of the franchise but he’s not his father.  He didn’t coach, manage, train and scout football players for his whole life.  They need a football guy to replace the ultimate football guy.

Enter Hue Jackson, the 45 year old first year Head Coach who was promote in the latest (and ultimately the last) carousel coaching move employed by Al Davis in the past few years.  Jackson was the 10th different Raiders head coach in the past 20 years.  Jackson probably stepped into the hot seat as soon as he was hired.  But the Raiders needed a football guy and for now, it was him.  So what if this is only his 2nd year with the Raiders, promoted after serving just one year under former coach Tom Cable as offensive coordinator.  Jackson was there who he is who they put into the decision making position for now.  And there’s nothing interim about the way he is handling the interim monitor as acting GM.

In the week leading up to the trading deadline Jackson, whose team stands at 4-2 and a half game behind the Chargers for first place in the division, has acquired two former top 10 draft picks to bolster a team that should be pushing a playoff spot this year.  When linebacker Aaron Curry, the #4 pick in the draft by the Seahawks just thee years ago, was put on the trading block Jackson pounced.  He gave up a 7th rounder in 2012 along with a conditional pick in 2013 to secure the services of the underachieving yet talented linebacker.  While Hue got his man on defense disaster seemed to strike when overachieving quarterback Jason Campbell broke his collarbone last Sunday.  Jackson decided this week to quick the boldness up a notch, a rather large notch, when he leaned on his former boss Mike Brown (Jackson coached the Bengals Wide Receivers from 2004 – 2006) regarding Browns’ star holdout quarterback Carson Palmer.  Brown finally relented and the price was steep but Hue Jackson made the bold move of moving a 1st round pick in 2012 and a conditional (possible 1st round) pick in 2013.

It was an Al Davis move but Hue Jackson is not Al Davis, he just wants to be.  You’ve got to give him some credit though, he’s not resting on his laurels and hoping a conservative approach will ride him to a full-time gig as head personnel man.  You’ve got to respect his do or die mentality of making bold, high risk moves to win over the hearts and minds of the new Raiders brass.  In the end his legacy will be made or broken on the rest of this season with his new players but at the end of the day there is only one way for Hue to win ’em over – Just win, baby.

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