Bye Week blues

Man, what is there to talk about this weekend?  So we’re heading into the bye week for the Pats and Bills so things will be pretty boring on the NFL front.  Check the schedule and you see that it’s not exactly going to be the most exciting week in NFL history.  That’s all and well when you’ve got the Red Sox making moves and Headlines right?  Oh yeah, they’ve been in a virtual holding pattern for the better part of two weeks.  Things could be worse I guess, since we are the only team looking for a manager right now there really is no rush.  I understand that Theo will likely fire Chad Quade and look for a manager as well but until he officially takes the job Quade is still employed.

The Bruins, meanwhile, look rather lethargic but it’s to be expected coming off of the Lord Stanley hangover (both literally and figuratively.)  Still things could be worse and hovering around .500 at this point won’ be all that bad.  I’ll put up my Bruins blog on Sunday to recap the week.  The Celtics?  Well, we might as well not get started on that.

Again I implore everyone who is not watching the World Series to start watching it.  Baseball is a great game and these first two games haven’t disappointed at all.  I look forward to the game sin Texas this weekend.  Maybe I will get into some college football this weekend.  I have watched a ton so far this year but even still I don’t think I’ve watched enough to qualify for writing big blogs or forming strong opinions on every team.  Maybe I’ll will keep my eye out for who I like in April for the draft.

Be safe this weekend, especially if you are drinking beer in the clubhouse and driving.

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