Quick hit AFC East thoughts

With a pretty monumental week on the AFC East slate of games for Week 9, here’s some of what I see from the four teams heading into the official halfway point of the NFL season:

  • I’m not sure what is up with the Pats on third down but they are just not getting it done when it counts.  You’ve got to give credit to Steelers DC Dick Lebeau though, he moved away from his traditional zone defense and played man-to-man and surprised and stymied the vaunted Pats offense.
  • All that being said I don’t envy the New York Giants going into Foxboro this weekend for the first time since ruining the Pats perfect season in the Super Bowl back in 2007.  It doesn’t matter how many of these guys on either team weren’t here back then, there’s only one guy who matters and that’s Bill Belichick.  And rest assured, he will be out for blood.
  • You have to think that the young and hungry Bills team is going to play against the Jets next week with a chip on their shoulder after the lackluster experience up in Toronto.  The Ralph should be pretty loud.  This is probably the game of the week.
  • When was the last time CBS sent their #1 broadcasting team to a Bills game two weeks in a row?
  • It was an interesting decision by Rex Ryan, who is 0-2 coming off of the bye, giving the team a full 6 days off to begin the bye week.  The Jets will have to make sure that they shake off any rust early on offense because they don’t want to fall behind early in a hostile environment.
  • Enjoy your week of captaincy, Aaron Maybin
  • I don’t even know what to say about the Dolphins.  I don’t want to come out and say that it’s by design but a couple more games like the last two and you really have to start wonder.  Say what you will about the Colts but at least they are going to win the Luck sweepstakes, if they do win it, by merit because they can’t beat anybody.
  • That being said, how many fans of the Bills, Jets and Patriots are going to start becoming Dolphins fans on weeks where they are not facing them?
  • It’s tough to say where we will end up by time we get to the end of the season.  You want to say the Pats will be sitting comfortably on top of the division by time the year ends but who would have thought that they’d be tied with the Bills going into the halfway point?  Their toughest game on the schedule happened this past weekend and unless Philly is on fire when they go in there, there aren’t really any games that stick out on the schedule that look like they are going to be a huge challenge for the Pats.  The Jets December schedule is similar but they have an important 4 week stretch where they play the Bills and Pats 3 out of the next 4 games.  These 3 games will make or break their playoff hopes.  The Bills are the interesting case.  You might say almost all of their remaining games are tough but can you honestly say that San Diego or Dallas are a better team than the Bills at this point?  At least we can pencil in the Dolphins in the cellar.
  • Is there anything worse than getting arrested for indecent assault and battery a day after you are a healthy scratch when you are on a Bill Belichick coached football team?

I know it’s Tuesday but I like the Pats and Bills this weekend.  Both teams 6-2 heading into the second half of the season with the Jets on their heels at 4-4.  We will see on Sunday.

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