“Mac” truck paving the way for the Bills

The Buffalo Bills once no-name offense is starting to hit the mainstream in 2011 with guys like Fred Jackson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Stevie Johnson, David Nelson, and Scott Chandler but there are still unsung heroes on the Bills.  Fullback Corey McIntyre might be the most important person on a football team that you’ve never heard of.

The 6’0″ 258 lb. native of Stuart, Florida bounced around with four different NFL teams in his first 6 seasons in the pros.  Finally, McIntyre settled in Buffalo after he signed there on September 30, 2008.  The former West Virginia Volunteer became a perfect fit for the Bills offense, a guy no one wanted coming out of college, no one really wanted coming out of training camp, but a guy who worked his ass off no matter how the scouts perceived him and eventually worked his way into an important role on a playoff caliber football team.

You can write a somewhat similar story on almost all of the members of the Bills offense but Corey’s story is fun.  The fun-loving, hard-hitting 32 year old is a force to be reckoned with on the field and one of the most popular guys off of it.  Ask Fred Jackson, C.J. Spiller, or Brad Smith who they’d rather have paving the way.  Next time you watch a Bills game pay attention to the first goal line situation and look for #38.  It won’t be too hard.  Just look for the guy who is paving the way for the gaping hole that Jackson or Smith runs through for the touchdown.  Seriously, if you go back and watch the games it’s almost like a broken record.  C-Mac never misses a block.  The task is simple for Freddie Jackson and company…find #38, run behind him.

Now how about kickoff returns?  You want to see Corey on kickoff returns?  I’ll give you the names of some guys who don’t want to see Corey on kickoff returns – Brandon Banks, Desean Jackson, Julian Edelman, Joe McKnight.  Those guys do not want to see Corey McIntyre on kickoff coverage ever.  McIntyre has busted heads all year long deep in opponents territory.  The Bills are one of the best teams in the league at pinning their opponents deep in their territory on kickoffs and C-Mac is always leading the charge, ready to knock heads on the other side of the field.

Of course what would you expect from a guy who is so obsessed with the Twilight movies that he had his own vampire mouthpiece fashioned for him to wear on game days.  No, ladies and gentleman, that was not a Halloween special you saw last week when FOX showed McIntyre’s special mouth gear close up, he’s rocking the fangs every week.  Simply put, Corey McIntyre fits right in in the self-proclaimed Land of the Misfit Toys known as the Buffalo Bills.  And the Bills are move than happy to have him.  What other band of misfits has a Mac truck paving the way for them?

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