Round 2 of Red Sox Managerial search up next week

Round 2 of the Red Sox managerial search is underway next week at Yawkey Way and the Red Sox have two more candidates set to interview – Texas Rangers’ pitching coach Mike Maddux and Cleveland Indians bench coach Sandy Alomar Jr.

Maddux is said to be one of the front runners for the job and, like Pete Mackanin and Dale Sveum who interviewed last week, will talk to the Cubs as well.  Mike, the brother of future Hall-of-Famer Greg Maddux, pitched 15 years in the big leagues with 9 different teams, including parts of the 1995 and 1996 seasons with the Red Sox.  Maddux spent 2003-2008 as the pitching coach for the Milwaukee Brewers before being named to the same position with the Texas Rangers before the 2009 season.  Maddux has lead a pitching staff that has helped win the A.L. pennant for each of the last two seasons.  It was particularly impressive this past year without Cliff Lee.  While he might not exactly have the temperament that you would like in this clubhouse he will get his pitchers to work hard and will get the most out of them.  Also he had converted CJ Wilson and Alexei Ogando from relievers to starters in his time with the Rangers and that might help if they decide to convert Daniel Bard and/or Alfredo Aceves.  As with any pitching coach you would expect Maddux to surround himself with a strong supporting cast of coaches, something else that may help in the clubhouse.

Perhaps a more intriguing candidate is Indians bench coach Sandy Alomar Jr.  Alomar caught in the big leagues for 20 seasons, 11 of which in an Indians uniform.  He is short on experience but high on pedigree, his father Sandy Alomar Sr. both caught and managed in the big leagues.  Alomar always had a reputation as being a smart but tough player, and that reputation would serve itself well as a manager.  The story here is that Alomar is sort of coming from the back of the pack as he is less experienced than the rest of the candidates but has the chance to surge ahead with a strong interview.  He has a few things going for him.  The first is that it seems he is not a candidate for the Cubs job, so if the Sox like him enough they can wrap up a deal quickly.  The second is that Alomar, a native of Puerto Rico, can enhance the Red Sox once solid footing in the Latin American market, something that they’ve been lacking in the past few years and something that Ben Cherington wants to get back to.

There are rumors that the Red Sox requested permission to interview Cardinals 3rd base coach Jose Oquendo but were rebuffed when the Cards told them he was next in line for the Cardinals.  Interesting that they are interviewing other candidates for that job while they already have a guy who is “next in line.”

One more note about the guy who is possibly leading the horse race, Dale Sveum.  I’ve heard a lot of negativity surrounding him because of a few decisions that he made as third base coach of the Red Sox back in ’04 and ’05.  Dale Sveum is not interviewing to become third base coach of the Red Sox.  He’s interviewing to be the manager.  Peter Gammons may have been embellishing a bit when he said waving runners around was about 15% of Sveum’s job when he was with the Red Sox but it’s true that he was involved in much more than that.  He was in charge of defensive positioning among other things.  Also remember that Sveum was not fired by the Red Sox, he left on his own volition to take the job with the Milwaukee Brewers and since he left he has added bench coach and hitting coach to his resume.  He also has the personality to manage in Boston.  Windmilling people around a few times doesn’t make him a bad fit for the job or it doesn’t erase all that makes him a good fit.

Anyway, I’d expect two more candidates in the week following next, then a decision coming soon after.  Maybe the Sox and Cubs will have the compensation figured out by then.

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