So…what exactly is going on with the Red Sox manager search?

We began the day yesterday with Dale Sveum firmly entrenched as the front runner for the Red Sox managerial job.  Sveum had a lunch date with the Red Sox ownership yesterday, adding even more fuel to the fire that he was the guy.  Less than 48 hours later Sveum is Theo Epstein’s new manager in Chicago and V-Mania is running wild in Boston.  So what happened between then and now?

Well there are two pretty good assumptions to be made regarding the lunch meeting with Sveum and the Red Sox brass.  The first is that Sveum and Theo Epstein had come to an agreement and Sveum let the Red Sox down lightly at the luncheon.  The other possibility is that maybe Sveum wasn’t comfortable with the Red Sox management troika and opted instead with the situation in Chicago, with the new owner and a baseball guy, Epstein, in firm control of the organization.  Either way the mood seemed to change within the Sox front office yesterday after that meeting with Sveum.  And of course, as usual, the rats are out chewing and gnawing at the leftovers and seeing whatever sticks.

Enter Bobby Valentine aka Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe’s mancrush.  Cafardo has taken the Red Sox to task in virtually every article he’s written in the past two months for the Red Sox apparently showing no interest in Valentine for the managerial position.  Now Ken Rosenthal, Jon Heyman, and Gordon Edes have all reported various degrees of mutual interest between the Red Sox and Valentine over the past 6 hours.  Apparently Valentine and Larry Lucchino got together at a function about a month back.  And apparently that lead to Bobby Valentine becoming the front runner for the Red Sox manager position today.

Could Valentine eventually become the Red Sox manager?  Sure.  Is he the front runner that the media is now making him out to be?  I doubt it.  Here are my reasons why:  First, at the end of the day this is a decision made mutually by Cherington, Lucchino, Henry, and Werner.  Obviously today the sith lord conspiracies surrounding Larry Lucchino are out in full force but make no mistake, the team as a whole will make the decision.  Does anyone really think that it was Theo Epstein and Theo Epstein alone’s decision to hire Terry Francona 8 years ago and that Ben Cherington is somehow in a different situation now?  All four guys will have a say and remember, Henry is the high man on the pole and he is the one who is married to the system.  Does Bobby Valentine fit Henry’s preferred sabremetrics system?  I’m not so sure that he does.  So why is he being so talked about by the media.  Well, he is a media darling after all.  He’s hot tempered and his lips are as loose as a porn star.  And trust me he has a LOT of connections that he can spill the beans to.  That’s not exactly something that I think the Red Sox ownership wants to be dealing with right about now.

Despite the reports of the day saying that the Red Sox are hesitant about bringing someone in who lacks big league managerial experience, I bet system wins out over that in the end.  What does that mean?  Well, for starters there are some reports that Torey Lovullo will be getting another interview.  The former PawSox manager has been brought up with the Red Sox style of ball.  Also interesting is that all this is going down on the same day that the Houston Astros sale is approved by Major League Baseball.  New ownership groups often like to start from scratch.  Might former Sox bench coach Brad Mills now be available?  It looks as if this one is going to take a little while longer to play itself out, much to the chagrine of Red Sox Nation.

Oh, and the official word from the Red Sox?  No interviews are scheduled for new candidates, including Valentine.  No second interviews are scheduled, including Lovullo.  Basically it’s a black hole of information yet people are trying to convince us that things are different over at Yawkey Way.  As usual the media is more speculation than substance, opinion than fact, fantasy than reality.  The one thing that we do know at the end of the day is that Dale Sveum will not be the next manager of the Red Sox.  After that is literally anyone’s guess.

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