Super Bowl XLVI Thoughts

Eli and the Giants shocked the Patriots again last night with their third 4th quarter come from behind win in as many match-ups.  I think it’s safe to say that my theory that the NFC has become the dominant conference looks about right.  The Giants were 9-7 and the team with the 6th best record in the NFC but they defeated the top seed in the AFC in the Super Bowl.  The Pats were the best of a weak conference.  Here are my thoughts on the game and some final thoughts on the 2011 season and the upcoming 2012 league year:

  • I was surprised that Tom Brady couldn’t take advantage of the time he had in the pocket.  For much of the game the offensive line held its own against the Giants’ pass rushers.  Kudos to Matt Light and company for a good game.
  • Eli Manning has officially gotten the monkey off of his back.  He has beaten Tom Brady twice in the Super Bowl and now has more rings than his brother Peyton.  He also now has as many rings as fellow draft class mate Ben Roethlisberger.  He’s won more rings than Peyton, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Brett Favre at this point.
  • Not sure why a lot of Pats fans (and Gisele) are being so hard on the receivers.  Hernandez had the only bad drop at the end.  Welker would have made a great catch and the one to Branch was tipped.
  • If the Patriots scored on that last drive Ahmad Bradshaw would have been a goat of epic proportions.
  • Rob Ninkovich and Brandon Spikes had great games for the Pats defense.  Sterling Moore might be a player.  Not sure what happened to Devin McCourty.
  • The Giants interior offensive line did a great job on Vince Wilfork after the monster game he had against the Ravens.
  • Unsung hero for the Giants – fullback Henry Hynoski
  • Kudos to the officials for calling a great game and letting them play for the most part.
  • Kudos to Bill Belichick for that nice hug to Coughlin after he walked off the field after Super Bowl 42.
  • The Patriots didn’t feel like a championship team as I watched them during the regular season (0-2 vrs. opponents over .500, close games against most other teams on the schedule with higher ranking defenses).  You can’t blame the Pats for the schedule they are given and the teams that they play that can not ever improve but I think that something could be said being tested during the regular season.  The Pats played two quarterbacks that started on opening day for their teams during the whole second half of the season (Mark Sanchez and Ryan Fitzpatrick).  They also faced a guy in the playoffs (Tim Tebow) that wasn’t an opening day starter.
  • Contrast that with the Giants, who had to play must win games for 6 straight weeks.  They beat the Jets and Cowboys to stave off elimination then beat the 12-4 Falcons at home in the 1st round of the playoffs followed by road wins against the 15-1 Packers and the 13-3 49ers before beating the 13-3 Patriots on a neutral site.  I’d almost rather not have the bye and I certainly wouldn’t sit my quarterback for the last week of the season if I had a bye, like the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers.
  • The Giants will be back, as will the Packers, Saints, 49ers, Lions, and Falcons.  The Eagles, Cowboys, and Seahawks may be better too.  Looks like the NFC will be stacked again next year.
  • Over in the AFC Brady and Belichick get a year older and closer to retirement but they’ll compete next year.  Pittsburgh will be back, Baltimore will be a contender but you kind of feel that they missed out on their best shot this year.  Houston may be the biggest threat to the Pats next year with a healthy Matt Schaub and that young defense with a year of experience under it’s belt.
  • Sounds like Indianapolis did a great job hosting the Super Bowl.  Finally a northern city with a good Super Bowl experience.
  • Now that the season is over get ready for the Peyton Manning show for the next month.
  • I’m already excited for next year but it can take its time getting here…I’ll enjoy the summer and baseball in the meantime.

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