Do the Red Sox need to be sorry or do they just need to be good?

I’ve heard from a lot from fans and pundits lately that they are not satisfied with what they’ve heard from the Red Sox players about last year, particularly the ones that were involved in the clubhouse saga.  People didn’t like what Josh Beckett had to say on Kevin Millar’s show on MLB Network.  People want to hear a more apologetic Jon Lester and want to hear him talk at Fort Myers where he reported over a week early.  People want the players to beg them for their forgiveness.  Well if there is one thing that I’ve learned in my years of being a sports fan it’s that talk is cheap.  I don’t need any talk, I just need some action.

Lester hasn't talked to the media yet but it's the talking that will go on on the field that I am most interested in

I’ve heard people getting frustrated with Jon Lester’s communication, or lack thereof, with the media since he’s been in Fort Myers, even though he said he will talk to the media when camp officially opens.  I’ll tell you what Jon has done since he’s been down at the new JetBlue Park.  He’s run throwing drills.  He’s run workout sessions.  He’s mentored younger players.  Basically he has been a leader.  No, he did not have to apologize to take that role.  Not to you or me anyway.  If an apology is in order from any of these guys it should be directed to their teammates and Josh Beckett was right about one thing.  What goes on in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse.  So if Beckett, Lester, and the rest issue a heartfelt apology to his teammates, quite simply, it’s none of our damn business anyway.  It’s between the players.

Loyalty cuts both ways in sports.  Fan bases, especially ones as big and arrogant as Red Sox Nation and Yankee Universe or whatever they’re calling themselves these days, can often lose sight of that.  Management can trade a player at any time for any different reason.  And the fan bases?  Well if a guy signs a contract with another team he’ll be booed mercifully by the fans of his old team.  Am I saying that fans shouldn’t do that?  Of course not, but at the same time fans need to realize that it’s a business and while fan interaction is an aspect of the game, and one of the better ones at that, you as a fan are really not entitled to anything more than a team putting their best effort on the field.  And if you don’t think that the Red Sox put forth the necessary effort at the end of last season then don’t support the team until you see the effort that you desire.  Don’t expect an apology.  What good is an apology anyway if it’s not backed up by the play on the field?  The apology will come when they get on the field, bust their asses, right the wrongs of last season, and work to bring a championship back to Boston.  I’m sure if the Sox are parading on the duckboats in the streets of Boston in early November that will be apology enough.

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