Random Sunday Sports Thoughts

Some random thoughts on the last Sunday in March…

  • I’m enjoying this March Madness more than I have for the last few years.  Maybe it’s because I paid a bit more attention during the season but there have also been a lot of great storyline.  Ohio University went on a hell of a run.  As much as I’ll never be a Rick Pitino fan you’ve got to give it to him and his Louisville team for its run to the final four.  There’s been a lot of stand out performances from both well-known and not-so-well-known players from around the country.  There is a 1, two 2s, and a 4 seed in the Final Four.  It is not as varied as the field was last year in the Final Four but I expect some really good basketball this weekend.  I originally had Michigan State beating Kansas in the finals.  Kentucky looks awful tough though, I say Kentucky over Kansas next Monday night.

    Louisville coach Rick Pitino is headed to another Final Four

  • Baseball season is a little over a week away (three days if you are a fans of the A’s or the Mariners).  I suppose there is a lot of unanswered questions on paper for the Sox.  I’m not sure about the reports of dissension between Bobby Valentine and Ben Cherington.  It seems like Bobby V. is content with leaving Iglesias and Lavarnway in AAA for the start of the season and let the veterans, Aviles and Shoppach, play themselves out of their jobs if they must.  As for the rotation I am sure that Ben and Bobby both agree that the best two will fill out the rotation.  From what I’ve seen the only slam dunk is Felix Doubront, who has been very solid all spring,  but right now I have Bard, Cook, Aceves in that order heading into the final week for the 5th start.
  • I’m interested to see how the bullpen comes together in the final week of spring training.  The Sox avoided a potential big injury when Franklin Morales’ medical issues were cleared up in Boston.  He’s poised for a big season out of the Sox pen this year.
  • So Peyton is in Denver, Tebow is in New York, Luck is going to Indianapolis, and RG3 is headed to Washington.  In the long run we may be saying that the Broncos got the best of this exchange if they can cash in what’s left of Manning’s productivity into a few deep playoff runs and maybe a championship.  I think RG3 will be a hell of a pro player but until the Redskins show some structure they’ll have to prove to me they can build a contender around him.  I think Luck will be great but that organization is basically re-starting from scratch.  I’m not sure what the hell the Jets are doing to be honest.
  • Ochocinco says he has "unfinished business" but may have to do it from rather far down on the Pats' depth chart

    Ochocinco restructured his deal to remain with the Patriots for 2012 at a reduced $1 million salary.  With Welker and Branch back in the fold and Brandon Lloyd and Donte Stallworth joining them, it looks as though Ochocinco may be the most expensive cheerleader on the Patriots roster next season.

  • For those talking about the Bills becoming the Redskins or the Cowboys for giving out a monster contract to former #1 pick Mario Williams and a slightly above market contract to fellow DE Mark Anderson remember this – the NFL allowed teams to rollover salary cap from the previous year starting this off-season.  The Bills rolled over almost $20 million in room which they used to sign two guys at a position of great need (and a position that the Bills brass was less than thrilled at re-stocking with talent from this year’s NFL draft) as well as a plethora of their own guys.  The big market squads used to call out teams like the Bills for being cheap and sitting on revenue sharing money.  I see a very specific strategy in which the team built up its assets for three seasons to position themselves to supplement the core for the contending team almost all in one off-season.  It is very similar to what Danny Ainge did when he took over the Celtics.
  • I’m glad to see Celtics swingman Mickael Pietrus escaped from his scary injury on Friday night with apparently only a concussion.  Pietrus says that he hopes to be back playing soon.  He’ll wind up being an important player for the C’s during the stretch run and playoffs but I hope he makes sure he takes care of himself before thinking about basketball.

Next week I’ll have a big baseball preview and recap of the Final Four.

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