Red Sox And Rays Start Series With Fireworks

Maddon has turned into an over-officious gasbag

In what was becoming a rather uneventful game last night the benches of the Red Sox and Rays cleared after Franklin Morales hit Luke Scott in the top of the 9th inning with two outs.  This was the second game in a row that Luke Scott has been hit after a Red Sox player had been hit earlier in the game.  Last week in Tampa Adrian Gonzalez got into an otherwise harmless back-and-forth with the Boston media who were questioning where his power had gone.  Sick of the media talking about it he swore to them that he would hit a home run that night.  Later in the day Rays pitcher David Price retweeted a comment from a fan that the Rays should hit Gonzalez in his first at-bat after he predicted a home run.  Gonzalez was promptly hit in his first plate appearance.  That’s what makes Rays manager Joe Maddon’s post-game comments so interesting (and hypocritical).

Very proud of our effort 2nite. What occurred in the 9th reeked of intent. Was ridiculous, absurd, idiotic, incompetent, cowardly behavior. @RaysJoeMaddon

That is what Rays manager Joe Maddon tweeted after the game last night.  You can read more of Joe Maddon’s nauseating post-game comments here.  The odd part to me is that I’ve never seen a manager come out so vigorously against a guy getting hit intentionally even though the last game these two teams played, less than 10 days ago, Rays pitcher Matt Moore clearly hit Adrian Gonzalez intentionally.  What am I missing here?  I’ve been watching baseball religiously since I’ve been about 6 years old and it’s been one of the unwritten rules in baseball all my life and probably well before I was born.  If you feel a team is hitting your guys on purpose you get one of their guys back.  And when you throw at someone in retaliation you throw at their back side area, the “fleshy part of the thigh” to steal a quote from The Sopranos.  That’s exactly where Franklin Morales hit Scott last night.

Ever the classy one Scott grabbed Salty’s throat after he was hit

Maddon is like the little kid who preemptively tells his mother that his brother has been stealing cookies from the cookie jar so his brother gets all of the blame.  He is all over the place in his quotes.  Saying that his franchise is above things like that (please) and then basically predicting that someone on the Sox will get hurt because of this.  Maddon and the Rays have been operating the standard small-market vrs. big-market us against them philosophy for years and to his credit it has worked.  Now it’s just starting to become a joke.  The unwritten rules in baseball are never re-written.  They don’t change depending on your payroll.  The Red Sox and Yankees have every right to defend their guys when they are getting thrown at.  The sad part about this whole thing is that the media will actually buy his garbage even though if it was a Bobby V. or a Joe Girardi saying these things they would be criticized and rightfully so.

When you put a guy on a pedestal, like the media does with Maddon, then obviously he is going to develop an over-inflated ego and at this point his head is the size of a watermelon.  Plenty of managers in the MLB, both with big market clubs and small, handle themselves with class and humility (Terry Francona anyone?).  Maddon is no longer one of those guys and he still gets talked about like he’s God’s gift to managing.  Is the job that he has done been as good as any manager in the league since he’s been in Tampa?  Absolutely but let’s be real here.  The guy is a baseball manager, he’s not God, he didn’t cure cancer or anything like that.  We don’t really need to put him on high like he’s the messiah or something.  In my opinion, right now, he’s looking more like the spoiled rich kid who always has to get his way then the graceful overachiever that he was when he got the job in Tampa.  I think it’s time that we all got over Joe Maddon.  He’s just a baseball manager.  He’s a very good one but a very arrogant one as well.  Let’s stop acting like he is something different than what he actually is.

On a side note I loved Saltalamacchia standing up for his teammates and getting in Scott’s face.  It’s clear that the guy learned a TON in his 1 year with Varitek about being a leader. He is acting more and more like him every night.

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