MLB Suspends Rays Pitcher For Blantantly Breaking The Rules, Joe Maddon Complains

Seriously bro, shut up

So the rulebook clearly states that pitchers can’t have pine tar on their glove.  So when Rays’ reliever Joel Peralta was caught Joe Maddon complained that the Nationals only knew that Peralta had pine tar on his glove because he used to play for the Nationals.  He says that it shouldn’t count because the Nats used “insider information” to get him caught.  So apparently if you get caught cheating by insider information it cancels out the infraction?  Like it’s alright if you’re cheating as long as the other team already knows?  His argument is pathetic.  It really is similar to SpyGate in which Eric Mangini blew the whistle on Belichick’s taping practices but you didn’t hear him crying that it shouldn’t count because there was a tattle tail.  And he lost a 1st round pick, not a middle-of-the-road relief pitcher for 8 games.

Haven’t people figured out Joe Maddon by now?  The guy is a clown.  Everyone went gaga over him the minute he turned the Rays around and it went right to his head.  Now all of a sudden he is making up his own unwritten rulebook?  I’m sick of hearing about his stupid mohawk or his bow tie and I’m definitely sick of him whining about every little thing that doesn’t go his way.  It’s time for everyone to get over Joe Maddon.  Like Davey Johnson said he is just a weird wuss.

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