Red Sox Trade Kevin Youkilis To White Sox

Kevin Youkilis has been traded to the Chicago White Sox for minor league pitcher Zach Stewart and utility player Brent Lillibridge.

Youkilis played parts of 9 seasons with the Sox

Youkilis spent parts of 9 seasons with the Red Sox.  He hit a home run in his first game with the Sox against the Blue Jays in Toronto in 2004.  He was a part of two World Champion Red Sox teams in 2004 and 2007.  He’s hit 133 home runs with the Red Sox and driven in 563 runs.  He ammased 959 hits for the Sox, 388 of them of the extra base variety.  He played Gold Glove defense at first base in 2007 and was a solid third baseman for the better part of his career.  Youk moved from third to first after the 2005 season to accomodate the newly acquired Mike Lowell and stayed there for 5 seasons and when the Sox acquired Adrian Gonzalez to play first he moved back to third without complaint.

Youk was always a lightning rod in Boston and around the league as a whole because of the intensity that he played the game with.  He often offended other teams by continually wearing his heart on his sleeve when he was out on the field.  He constantly argued with umpires over balls and strikes, celebrated a big hit, or lashed out at himself in anger when he made an out.  As a matter of fact back in 2008 Youkilis got into an argument with former Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez in the Red Sox dugout because Manny didn’t like how he was slamming his bat and helmet in the dugout in front of the younger players.  Youkilis’ act could certainly have been grating at times but there were times when you could appreciate his old school mentality.

The fact of the matter was that when Youkilis is not going good he is not easily likable with his intense personality and he has not been going good all year.  In a time with so much scrutiny surrounding the Red Sox Youk seemingly has had a giant target on his back.  Many people pointed to him as the leak for a lot of the stories coming out about the goings-on in the Red Sox clubhouse.  The thing is that Youk is breaking down at the age of 33 because he has played with that “balls to the wall” mentality for much of his career.  He has developed hip, groin, and wrist problems that seem to linger with him.  Youk’s attitude could be grating on you as a fan but one thing that you couldn’t question for the past 9 years was his passion and intensity.

As has happened for much of my life and much of the Red Sox history before I was born it seems like the Red Sox will have a less than amiable divorce with one of their former star players.  There is ample evidence that young Will Middlebrooks will make us put Kevin Youkilis in the rear view mirror relatively quickly but the fact will remain that Youk did what he did for the Red Sox for almost 9 full seasons.  Not many Red Sox players in the last 90 years can see that they contributred to 2 Red Sox World Championships but Youkilis can.  That alone should preserve his place in Red Sox history.

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