Why Does Bryce Harper Deserve To Be In The All-Star Game?

Bryce Harper is not quite ready to represent the NL in the All-Star Game

The big controversy this past week is who should get the final spot on the National League All-Star team – Chipper Jones or Bryce Harper?  Harper was not voted in by the fans so I’m not quite sure what the sentiment to see him there comes from.  Yes, he is a 19 year-old phenom who is the best positional prospect to hit the game in years but why not earn his place on the All-Star roster first.  Among all qualifying National League hitters Harper is 38th in batting average at .274.  There are over 15 NL outfielders with a higher BA.  Harper has 8 home runs.  40 other National League hitters have hit 10 or more home runs so far this season, over 20 of them outfielders.  He also does not crack the top 50 in the National League with his 22 RBIs.  He does rank 24th in the National League with an .891 OPS but still he is behind over 10 fellow outfielders.  Again please explain to me why this guy should go to the All-Star Game?

Jones deserves a send-off a la Ripken and Gwynn

If you want to talk about a resume how about this one – 2,661 hits.  460 home runs.  1,590 runs batted in.  534 doubles.  A .304 average, a .402 on-base percentage and a .933 on-base-plus-slugging percentage.  Those are the numbers that have been compiled in the 19 years of Chipper Jones’ illustrious career.  He’s also been one of the classiest guys to play the game during those 19 years.  Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn got their send-offs at the mid-summer classic even though they may not have deserved a spot on the roster so why not Chipper?  He’s given as much to the game as anyone.

Listen, Bryce Harper will play in a lot of All-Star games in his career and his career numbers will probably eclipse those of Chipper’s.  Right now, however, his resume is pretty barren.  He’s a kid who’s grown a huge ego on his meteoric rise to the majors so why feed it with an as-yet-undeserved All-Star spot.  Let him build his resume and reward Chipper for the one he’s already built.  Harper can earn his spot in next year.

Note – After two days Chipper is in 1st and Harper is in 3rd in the final fan vote.  Link

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