Ray Allen Leaves The Celtics For The Heat

There is really two sides to this story right now.  The first is that Ray Allen is a consummate professional and one of the classiest athletes ever to play in Boston (no exaggeration).  The fact is he’s not Johnny Damon, who despite being fun-loving always liked to talk about himself above team, or Wade Boggs, who was kind of just a jerk in general.  The fact that he is going to put on the Celtics’ biggest current rival’s uniform sucks but it will be hard to hate Ray like some of these other guys who have moved on to the hated rival team.  I won’t go so far as to boo him but I won’t exactly be rooting for him either since any success he has will strengthen the C’s biggest rival.  But thanks Ray for 5 years of professionalism and good play and thanks for that championship you helped get us.

Ray Allen will leave Boston for rival Miami

Then there is all of this Rondo nonsense.  Has there ever been a bigger scapegoat in a situation like this than Rondo?  We knew before the Heat and C’s even played in the Eastern Conference finals that the Heat had interest in Allen.  He likely had interest in them as well all along.  The whole Rondo nonsense smacks of Ray trying to soften the blow of him leaving for their biggest rival.  Like “Hey it’s not my fault I am leaving the Celtics to go to the Heat, it’s all Rondo’s fault”.  Sorry, not buying it.  When you consider that Rondo is perhaps the best passing point guard in the league, which is a perfect complement for a dead-set shooter like Ray, and the Heat actually have no pure point guards on their entire roster then you wonder how you can really hate a guy who puts you in a position to succeed so often, so much.  Ray is a bench player now and Rondo has taken his place in the big 3.  I’d imagine that Allen going from big 3 status to 6th man has as much to do with him not wanting to come back as “Rondo’s a meanie”.  But whatever, Rondo is motivated by things like this so I kind of hope more reports about this come out between now and the season just to piss him off more.

As I said last week I really, really like this team as it’s currently constituted with or without Allen (assuming that the Jeff Green deal is imminent).  This team, at least on paper, looks even better than last year’s.  The issue here is really that the Heat are stronger now with Allen.  But we’ve got Avery Bradley to cover him.  There’s a good chance that the Heat and the C’s will be the two best teams in the East again next year so this just makes things more interesting.

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