Do People Really Buy This Crap?

So DirecTV and Viacom are in the middle of a big contract dispute and Viacom might shut their channels off of DirecTV at midnight tonight.  Last year FOX did the same thing and had all of their stars of the big FX series’ do similar videos to the one the Hulkster did above.  This is preying on the ignorance of the American public at its worst.  DirecTV is basically the ones looking out for the consumers backs.  This article outlines that the reason that Viacom is looking for a 30% hike on its broadcasting fees from DirecTV is to make up lost revenue in advertising due to poor ratings.  Their argument is that since Viacom holds 20% of DirecTV’s content then it should get a large chunk of DirecTV’s revenue, conveniently ignoring the fact that the bulk of DirecTV’s revenue comes from the NFL and MLB packages as well as HBO and Showtime subscriptions.  DirecTV is basically trying to curb costs by negotiating fair market deals and keep the prices down to compete with the Comcast’s of the world.

Which brings us to little gems like the above video.  Like FOX and others before them Viacom is praying on the American public who can’t go a night without Stewart or a week without their TNA rasslin’.  They encourage you to flood DirecTV with threats of subscription cancellations in order for them to make more money off of you.  So basically they are encouraging consumers to threaten DirecTV to raise their monthly cable rates and stupid people do it.  Ironically these are the same people who will likely complain when their cable bills go up not realizing that they helped facilitate it.  Do people really buy this crap?  I kind of feel like they do. I bet that DirecTV is getting absolutely bombarded right now with complaints.

The consumers best bet is to stay out of it and let the big corporations duke it out because I’ve got news for you – neither of them have your best interests in mind.  Realize that you may be sacrificing 10-20 dollars a month just so you don’t miss one episode of your favorite programming which is ridiculous.  Half of the stuff on TV these days is available on the internet within hours of viewing anyway.  Please don’t be stupid and contribute to my cable bill going up.  Thank you.

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