The MLB All-Star Game Has Lost Its Luster

I remember when I was a kid the MLB All-Star Game was must-see television.  There were only two times a year that the American and National League would square off – the World Series and the All-Star Game.  Back then players would rarely switch teams, particularly star players who would frequent the MLB All-Star games.  Every year it would be the same guys in the same uniforms duking it out against each other – Kirby Puckett, Ozzie Smith, George Brett, Wade Boggs, the list goes on and on.  Then you’d add in a young up-and-coming star or a journeyman having a big year every now and again.  Even though there was nothing but bragging rights up for grabs the game seemed special year in and year out.

Fast forward to 2012.  Now the American League and National league play each other all through the months of May and June.  Players switch teams by trade or free agency by the dozens every off-season.  Last year’s National league starter at first base and the game’s MVP, Prince Fielder, will start for the American League this year after moving from Milwaukee to Detroit in the off-season.  Many of the players who are selected to the All-Star team don’t even play in it.  Last year alone there were 84 players named to the All-Star team between starters, reserves, and injury replacements – 43 from the American League and 43 from the National League.  Contrast that with the 1992 squad where there were 57 All-Stars between the two leagues with Jose Canseco being the only player named to either team who did not play.  Sure they added the stipulation than the winning team gets home field advantage for the World Series but that didn’t seem to motivate players who continue to pull out of the game.  Bud Selig has worked to create a more uniform league in the All-Star game, which was once the best in all of sports, has been a casualty of it.  It’s sad that a game I used to anticipate in my youth has become a glorified version of the Pro Bowl.

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