Penn State Football Program Blown Up

The hammer dropped on Penn State University and its football program this morning when the NCAA levied unprecedented sanctions on the University.  I see some people criticizing the NCAA for not instituting the “death penalty” on the Penn State football program but I bet some people over at PSU are wishing they had at this point.

NCAA President Mark Emmert dropped the hammer on Penn State football this morning

First off is the superficial stuff that would have come whether or not the NCAA instituted the death penalty.  Joe Paterno and Penn State had all of their wins striped away since 1998.  Paterno lost 111 wins, bringing his total from 409 career wins to 298.  He went from #2 to #12 on the all-time winningest coaches in college football history list.  Bobby Bowden reclaims the #1 spot from Paterno on the all-time winningest coaches in NCAA division 1 history list.  Penn State was also fined a cool $60 million by the NCAA.  $60 million represents roughly a full year’s net profit generated by the football program.  They are also likely to be fined by other branches of the NCAA for their ethics violations.

This is where the Penn State program was really hot hard – the NCAA reduced Penn State’s yearly scholarships from 25 per year to 15 (the division 1AA level) and banned them from postseason play (bowl games as well as the Big 10 championship game) for the next 4 years.  The post-season ban isn’t even that big of a deal considering that they will likely not be fielding a competitive team any time soon.  Not only did the NCAA remove any penalties for players who wish to transfer out of Penn State but they lifted scholarship and official visit limits for any other program wishing to recruit a Penn State player away.  They are basically openly encouraging Penn State’s football players to transfer.  Penn State will be left with giving scholarships to people who will be simply happy to play division 1 football at all.  For the next 4 years the Penn State football team will be basically adding 15 Rudy Ruettigers to scholarship.  It’s not over for Penn State either.  The Big 10 will be announcing sanctions against PSU this morning as well.

The moral of the story is simple – if you know that someone else is doing something not only illegal but abhorrently inhumane then you need to make sure that they are brought to justice for it.  It’s as common as common sense can get.  All these guys had to do was the right thing.  It hardly seems that tough.  Now Joe Paterno lost 111 wins not to mention his entire legacy.  Penn State had their once elite college football program crippled.  Was it all worth it?  I think the answer to that question is pretty simple at this point.

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